Monday, February 7, 2011

"You both are delightful to look at!"

The Mother:  Rena
The Daughter:  Justine

After much discussion and debate, we decided to do it! Yes, get a blog, much like everyone else in the world.  But while many speak of their daily lives and latest music purchases on iTunes, we are going for a different direction for this particular mother-daughter blog.  We will be rambling of great vintage pieces we find, our outfit for the day or a retro event we attend.

Why retro?  Vintage, pin-up, retro, whatever you want to call it.  We love it.  It was a time when women were women and men were men.  I mean, do you even see women in petticoats and a swing dress shopping at the grocery store anymore?  Women didn't even need a reason to look and feel as beautiful as they did back then.  Things shouldn't have changed, we can still feel gorgeous ladies!!!

So, why DeCarlo/Hayworth?  The question is more like, why not?  Yvonne DeCarlo is one of my mother's all-time favorite actresses, while Rita Hayworth is mine.  Our inspirations come not only from these bombshells, but also from classic Hollywood movies to old magazine covers and sometimes from pictures of my grandmother, my mother's mom.

And the title of our blog?  It comes from one of our favorite films, Mildred Pierce, from Eve Arden's character Ida.  If you're not familiar with the movie (for shame!!!), the quote is in the scene where the character Wally pauses to admire Ida standing on a chair.  Being the amazing broad that she is, she replies simply, "Leave something on me, I might catch cold!"  There you have it.

We hope you enjoy our adventures and can't wait to discuss glamour with you.  So let's start with our first adventure, shall we?

Poster Peepshow: The Art of Pin-Up
February 5, 2011
Yes, it is us, the mother-daughter vintage duo!

It was opening night at Nucleus in Alhambra, an art gallery featuring pin-up inspired artwork from artists such as, Olivia De Berardinis (!!!), Glen Orbik, and K.O. Munson, to name a few.  It was a smaller gallery than we expected but lovely nonetheless!  Several of the talented artists were present, along with the Suicide Girls participating in live figure drawing.

Besides viewing the beautiful pieces of art, the highlight of our evening would have to be meeting the fabulous, sweet, and still gorgeous, JULIE NEWMAR.

Mom was beyond thrilled.  She says it was a memorable experience meeting an icon from her childhood.

  I, too, was excited to be in the presence of a pin-up icon and, um, HELLO, CATWOMAN!

Probably the thing about meeting Ms. Newmar that will be so special to us for years to come is that she complimented our outfits several times and how well put together we were!  "You are both delightful to look at!" was one of her compliments.  Yes, we were complimented by Julie Newmar!!! AHHHHH!!!! *runs around in circles*

So, if you're local in Los Angeles, be sure to stop by the Nucleus gallery if you get a chance.  You'll see some nice pin-up art and who doesn't love that?!

Until next time.
~ Rena and Justine

Julie Newmar early days photography credit to