Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finding Pieces

Something mom and I do often is find new pieces to incorporate into our "vintage" looks and wardrobe. I don't really like to go by what magazines say you should be wearing, but I am inspired by them or, by like I said, "pieces."

Last weekend we stepped into a Forever21 for the first time in a while, thinking we would find a nice new pair of shoes and maybe a bracelet. Instead, we walked out with a full bag of goodies.  I don't have pictures of mother's goodies, but here are my pieces I will be adding to others in my closet.

I love myself some oxfords!!!!

Mom found this lightweight sweater for me randomly in the store, all by its lonesome. I LOVE this, but I am planning to remove the poofy flower pieces and add a vintage brooch instead. I would love to have  a real, vintage angora sweater, but I've never found one I liked just yet!

Peter Pan collar button-up polka dot blouse!

I've already worn this twice and received many compliments. I think its my new favorite! Its perfectly short and comfy. Plus, I get to wear my vintage lace shorts slip. It makes me feel like swing dancing!

Now as for true vintage, the boyfriend recently bought me three nylon and chiffon headscarves! Loves.