Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage Expo - Santa Monica

A few weeks ago, we attended one of my favorites vintage events; Vintage Expo in Santa Monica! It was wonderful seeing so many fellow dames dress in their casual, but lovely, vintage attire. I didn't get a picture of myself in my jumper and oxfords (maybe my mother did?) but here are pictures of what I scored that day. :)

My new favorite skirt! This is a gorgeous circle skirt I bought and love, love, LOVE!!!! I cannot wait to wear it out! *draws hearts around it*

Since I always borrow my mother's vintage red earrings, I finally got myself a pair, along with those beautiful blue clip-ons.

See? I was a good girl and didn't buy much. There was this one 50's golden yellow party dress I tried on and DIED over. It was beautiful, fit perfectly at my waist, but was about three inches too big on my bust. It would have cost too much to have altered, so I decided not to buy it. Oh well.

I promise that my mother will get on here and post eventually, but until she does, I will continue blogging away when I can. Cheers! xoxo