Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vintage Patterns and a Sewing Machine!

Here I am, finally entering my first blog!  Yes, I am a little behind but at least my daughter has been keeping you all updated and informed on our great finds and adventures.  I am so excited on this joint venture with my daughter because we both love all things vintage!  I guess you could say I owe it all to my Mom and Dad.  She has given me a few of her great vintage pieces, including a few patterns (one of which is pictured below).  But I will save that topic for another blog.  

With that said, here are a few of the vintage patterns that I have purchased over the past few months.  A few dress patterns and a couple of circle skirt patterns.  Even as I write this, I am still collecting more vintage patterns and will post pictures of those as I get them.  I am very happy with these purchases and am always on the look out for more! 

Take a look at the sizing marked on the patterns.  The sizing of the past is vastly different than it is today.  Notice the Butterick Pattern #9100 and Simplicity Pattern #3229, they both read size 18 with a bust measurement of 36 and a size 20 is a bust size of 38.   So, if you are looking to purchase vintage patterns don't concern yourself with the larger size, just go by your measurements.  That's what really matters. 

Love Butterick feminine and retro! 

I love these vintage patterns! I plan on making these dresses and skirts for myself and will post pictures of the finished product.  I must say that my daughter has begun to sew and she loves it!  So, I presume that she too will be posting pictures of her sewing projects as well. 

Here's a couple of patterns that my mother gave to me.  The apron pattern is one my Mom used to use over and over again for all of her lovely aprons. I have a couple of her aprons in my kitchen. (I will post pictures of her aprons later in another blog.)  The dress pattern is one of my favorites.  Love this style of dress, it's so flattering on the womanly figure. 

My love for sewing was instilled by my mother.  When I was little, my mother was always sewing either for herself or making something for me and I would love to sit beside her and watch.  Then when I was older she would teach me how to cut patterns, and put the pieces together to make a lovely piece of clothing.  I immediately caught on and loved it!  

The photo below is my mother's Singer sewing machine. Which I now proudly own....a great vintage item!  Thanks Mom!

I am so happy that my daughter enjoys sewing also because this is something that we can both can share and do together such as shopping for material, vintage patterns and assisting each other with sewing when needed.  So glad that I have passed this interest on to my daughter that was passed on to me by my mother and I know that one day when she has a daughter, she too will pass this love for sewing on to her.  

Until next time, keep smiling and never leave the house without your red lipstick!

~Rena xoxo


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